Performance Fibers - Endless Posibilities

Performance Fibers is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial polyester fibers and fabrics and the only manufacturer with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our size and global reach give our customers a competitive advantage through a large supply of products, fast delivery, multi-plant sourcing, and both regional and global customer service and technical support.

For nearly a century, Performance Fibers has been at the forefront of the industrial fibers and fabrics industry, developing next-generation technologies and products used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications, from tires and offshore mooring ropes to seat belts and sewing thread. The industries we serve are some of the world’s largest and most critical, including energy, transportation and safety. At Performance Fibers, our focus is on a future of endless possibilities for our industry, our customers and our employees.

Performance Fibers
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